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Special rates on hotels, meals, transportation and sightseeing save you up to 40% off the cost of setting up the same trip on your own.
Each vacation includes “Insider Experiences” that give you a more meaningful sampling of local life.

About Trafalgar

Trafalgar’s journey began in 1947 when Bill Nunn and Robert Appleby started Industrial Recreational Services (IRS). The company originally organized group travel and entertainment in Britain -- among its first offerings were trips to see American comedian Harpo Marx at the London Palladium. The cost of the excursion included coach travel and a reserved seat at the show.

In 1949, IRS moved offices to London’s Trafalgar Square, the landmark that eventually would give the company its current name. Here the operator laid its foundation and mission -- to make travel easier, enriching, inspiring and rewarding. IRS began offering its first European vacations in 1958, starting with the 21-day “Young Commonwealth Special.” And in 1959, the company officially changed its name to Trafalgar Travel.

Over the next several years, Trafalgar expanded into global markets, opening its first international offices in South Africa, chartering cruise ships and introducing tours to Russia. When the Tollman family (Trafalgar’s current CEO is Gavin Tollman) joined Trafalgar in the 1970s, the company flourished under their leadership. Trafalgar introduced new programs to a wider variety of destinations, including additional regions in Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand.

Today, Trafalgar offers over 230 itineraries across six continents, including packages for individuals, couples, families and groups.

Guided Vacations

A guided vacation with Trafalgar offers fantastic value. Special negotiated rates on everything from hotels and meals to transportation and guided sightseeing are wrapped together in one low price that’s up to 40% less than the cost of setting up the same trip on your own. In addition, every Trafalgar itinerary is developed by creative, knowledgeable vacation planners who combine the right number of must-see inclusions with the perfect amount of free time when you can explore as you wish. You’ll discover new destinations, enjoy authentic experiences and have loads of fun as you meet new people.

Here are a few of the terrific features that are included in the price of your vacation.

Tour Director
Trafalgar’s Travel Directors are selected for their knowledge and professionalism. From checking you into your hotel room to recommending a local restaurant, your Travel Director’s goal is to make traveling easy. He or she will oversee the logistics of getting from one place to the next while sharing interesting facts along the way.

VIP Access & Treatment
You'll receive VIP access to the top attractions and sights in each destination. Skipping the long lines will give you time to see more of the popular spots that attract travelers from around the globe.

Motorcoach and Driver
Enjoy fuel-efficient, fully air-conditioned motorcoaches with ample legroom, reclining seats, onboard restrooms, electrical outlets and Wi-Fi (on most motorcoaches). A skilled driver navigates the route so you can sit back and enjoy an unobstructed view via oversize windows. Most trips also include free transfers between the airport and your starting and ending hotel (except those that begin or end in London).

Stay in centrally located accommodations that are hand-picked for their superb quality and service. On some itineraries, you’ll spend the night in Trafalgar’s “Authentic Accommodations,” special lodgings chosen specifically for their cultural significance.

Insider Experiences
Each Trafalgar vacation includes the company’s signature “Insider Experiences,” unique activities that give you a more meaningful sampling of local life. These endeavors often would be difficult or impossible to arrange on your own.

  • Be My Guest
    Enjoy regional cuisine while dining in an exclusive venue or even a family home.
  • Local Specialists
    Meet expert historians, artisans, archaeologists and more who share stories about the destination.
  • Cultural Insights
    Get a behind-the-scenes look at special places that often aren’t available to the general public.
  • Hidden Treasures
    Enjoy surprise sights and experiences revealed by your Travel Director.


Free Time to Explore
Trafalgar itineraries offer just the right amount of free time. You could spend it seeing another attraction, eating at a local cafe, shopping or relaxing. Or, you could choose one of Trafalgar’s optional excursions that help you customize your vacation.

Trip Styles to Suit You

Trafalgar offers a variety of trip styles, including multicountry itineraries that cover many destinations, regional explorations, single-country immersions, small-group departures and relaxed-pace vacations in renowned cities where you'll have extra time to explore on your own. Some vacations are designed specifically for families while others are tailored to special interests such as food and wine, history or film. The company’s “Mini-stays” are two- to four-day trips that include an expert Driver Guide, accommodations and some meals (but do not include a Travel Director).

CostSaver by Trafalgar

CostSaver offers a lower-priced alternative to Trafalgar’s first-class guided vacations. These expertly planned trips provide unbeatable value. You'll receive the same excellent service and expertise from Trafalgar's Travel Directors and stay in comfortable hotels, but at an even more affordable price. You'll also have access to Local Specialists who will reveal more about each destination, and there’s plenty of free time so you can do some extra sightseeing on your own, if you choose.

To get a feel for the Trafalgar experience, check out the video below.

The Travel Corporation

Trafalgar is part of The Travel Corporation, a fourth-generation, family-owned business comprised of multiple travel brands. Click any brand name to view itineraries, dates and prices.

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